• Blade and Soul’s Summoner Class
    A Summoner and it’s Familiar (cat) fight together. In general the familiar takes aggro of the mobs via melee attacks. After drawing the opponent’s attention, the Summoner comes in and attacks from a distance. With their skill set, Summoners are able to keep the enemies rooted in place for a long time meaning they rarely take damage. This being said, if they are hit they would take a lot more damage than their Familiar.
    As stated earlier summoners don’t get hit often or at least they should try not too as they cannot take a beating. They have top notch defensive skills which they can use to quickly escape from danger should they find themselves in trouble. The Summoner class is the only class that has group healing abilities in Blade & Soul.
    Summoners can hit hard against additional opponents with the help of their Familiar. They can also force the enemy targets to use their defensive escape skills in the game with the help of the familiar, and then lock them down with movement hindering skills straight after. Once the Summoners have locked their enemy targets down they can quickly drain the enemies hit points and find them off. In addition, because they are so versatile, Summoners can assume the role of crowd control, damage dealing tanking and support.
    The Summoner class in only playable by the Lyn race.
    Example Skills
    Morning glory drain
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  • At TGC 2015, Tencent's Blade & Soul project team announced that the 9th class will meet players in China soon. Later, Korean developer accepted media interview to talk about the new version.
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    From the interview, we knew that Blade & Soul will bring great surprise to us in 2016 not only a new class, which is not a hybrid class, but also new maps and new episode, the 7th episode. Some new raid dungeons will be added in the form of extra episode. The new map will have different scenes for different seasons. Those scenes will be related to new storyline. Many people speculated that the 10th class will be the musketeer who has been discussed for many years. Let's wait and see. You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

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  • One of the simplest ways to make yourself look better is to style your cheap human hair weave right. You have an arsenal of options available to make your mane feel and look wonderful, including styling products, heated tools, or keeping it the way it is. Read on and learn some important hair care tips.
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    The myth that frequent haircuts cause your hair to grow more quickly is untrue. Human hair grows approximately half an inch a month, no matter how regularly it's cut. You can sometimes see faster growth with biotin supplements or in the summer; however, hormones, but it's hormones that control growth, control hair growth. Trims do eliminate split ends, however, which can make your hair look much better.
    Hair products with alcohol within them should be avoided as these lead to dryness.
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    Do not brush or comb your hair while it is soaking wet; wait until it is completely dry.
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  • SAPPORO - Beautifully frilled dresses, fantastic balloon skirts, and much more.
    These Lolita clothes are displayed in abundance at a company office on the second floor of an old red brick building in central Sapporo.
    "This is the epitome of the 'kawaii' that women dream of," said Yuko Ota, who cofounded the company, while applying makeup for a female customer. The woman visited the company office to try out Lolita fashion. Ota says this fashion style attracts customers across a wide age range, from teens to those in their 50s.
    Ota, 60, established the company, Kitaloli, that manufactures and sells Lolita dresses, with Asako Mitsuhashi, a fashion marketing specialist, in August 2013. Three graduates of a fashion school where Ota had taught are now involved with producing the clothes at the company.
    Born in Sapporo, Ota was employed by a cosmetic company after she graduated from high school, and worked in Kyoto. Then she moved back home and got married at age 21.
    When she was 38, she became determined to work in the beauty industry again.
    She received training in New York and made other efforts to improve the makeup skills she had initially acquired while working for the cosmetic company. Later, Ota began her new career as a makeup artist and started giving lectures at vocational schools and a high school.
    Meeting Mitsuhashi became a turning point in Ota's life. Mitsuhashi, also 60, taught at the same vocational school as Ota did. Around 2008, when the nation was suffering from a recession, many of their students could not find work. Given such circumstances, the two found they shared a mutual ambition to create a business where their former students could work, utilizing their own expertise.
    Lolita fashion was a solution the fashion expert and beauty specialist discovered after a serious search.
    Around that time, at a vocational school, at least one student every year would choose Lolita fashion as their theme for the graduation exam. Also, many events related to the fashion style had been held in Japan and abroad as an example of the "Cool Japan" phenomenon. However, some Lolita fashion lovers could not enjoy such style of dress as much as they wished, as their families did not understand their taste in fashion, according to Ota.
    The two wanted to create an environment where Lolita fashion lovers could become confident with the fashion style as an example of cool culture originating in Japan. So they set up Sapporo Lolita Club, an event planning group, in April 2012.
    The club held an event where people could try Lolita clothes in an underground pedestrian walkway in Sapporo in February. "We expected five people or so to come at most. But more than 40 people attended the event, and that surprised us," recalled Ota.
    Today, the group has about 280 members. About 80 per cent of them are from Hokkaido and some members live abroad, including in France and Taiwan.
    When Ota and Mitsuhashi established Kitaloli, it was not easy for them to gather together the funds to start the company.
    They still struggle to sell their products as major companies have greater market presence. Ota quit working as a lecturer in March.
    Now she is devoted to running the company and trying to achieve their dream of joining hands with former students to create an environment where they can work together.

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  • Women have been turning to sexy lingerie to add spice to their romance since the time of Cleopatra. The feel of fine silk or lacey lingerie against the skin can be such a powerful aphrodisiac, that some of the most famous women in history swear by its success for the pursuit and capture of conquests in the game of love.
    There are as many different styles of lingerie to choose from as there are occasions to wear it. Lingerie can bring a sense of mystery and intrigue to any intimate encounter.Wearing sexy Lingerie can be as playful as it is adventuresome. Not only does sheer lingerie highlight a womans most sensual assets, it makes her look and feel more feminine.
    For some women, deciding on the right bridal lingerie is the most important underwear choice she will ever have to make. Usually a bride will want to pick lingerie that looks sweet and innocent, but is still sexy enough to remind her new husband that while the wedding may be over, the honeymoon has just begun.
    Although bridal lingerie is usually available in the whimsical colors of virginal white, pristine pink and baby doll blue, it is also designed to be alluring and make a bride feel desirable on her special night.

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