• Frilly Men Underwear Is the Latest Crazy Thing to Come from Japan

    Japan, the country that has brought us everything from tentacle porn to cat cafes to toilet-themed restaurants, leads the world in innovations we never knew we needed. Which is why it’s unsurprising that the first male lingerie line was created in Japan. And we’re not talking like great boxers and wife beaters for dudes. 
    Fashion label HommeMystere will debut the line in mid-February, featuring bras and panties with design features like lace, florals, and underwire that would be found in a women’s collection, but specifically sized for men’s bodies and without any padding that might feel “unnatural” to men.  The company’s executive director reports that they were surprised by the amount of interest they received, telling the Daily Mail, “'Since we launched the men's bra, we've been getting feedback from customers saying, ‘Wow, we'd been waiting for this for such a long time.’”
    This is great news for men who prefer women’s sexy swimwear for whatever reason: as a bedroom kink, for cross-dressing, or because they’re transitioning. They’ll now have options that are actually designed to fit them, rather than trying to make do with lingerie designed for an entirely different body shape. I mean, have you ever tried to shove a whole bulge into a tiny thong? Just imagine stuffing a footlong hot dog in a Ziploc. 
    On the other hand, do men know that bras are terrible? As one of the millions of women who gratefully rips her bra off the second she gets in the house, I can’t believe men want to voluntarily subject themselves to the tyranny of the underwire. Dudes can have all the lace and ruffles: I’ll be rocking this $12 sports bra until it falls off my body. 

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